The Call


Visting Nicaragua in May 2016

Visionary trip to Nicaragua in May of 2016

For many years, God’s calling on our lives has been clear;  We have been called to serve Him in the mission field.  Last year, in May of 2016, we took a visionary trip down to Nicaragua.  We had heard of some ministry opportunities and wanted to see if the Lord was opening doors for us to serve Him there.  It wasn’t clear right off the bat, but as we returned home and continued seeking His direction, He began to show us that He was indeed calling us to serve Him in the country of Nicaragua.  It is because of this reason, that in a few months, our home church, Calvary Chapel Santa Fe Springs, will be sending us out to serve and live in the country of Nicaragua.


CLUB ESPERANZA–As of now, we will hit the ground running by coming alongside a Christian School, Club Cristiano La Esperanza, located in the city of Managua.  This school ministers to over 300 preschool and elementary-aged children during the day and offers an afterschool program to students up to 12th grade.  The day to day life of these inner city children and youth include harsh living conditions due to extreme poverty, addictions, abuse and neglect.  Club Esperanza has become a safe haven for many of its students, providing them with an education, a meal and most importantly, the love of Jesus.  Our primary role at the school will be to spiritually invest in the youth that attend the afterschool program.  It is our heart that they would come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, grow in their faith and then in turn, go out and be a godly influence in their communities.  Our prayer is that because of Jesus, these kids would be able to break away from the life cycles of abuse, addiction and neglect they are surrounded by and become lights in the midst of darkness.


Sharing with the youth in May of 2016


CALVARY CHAPEL MANAGUA–In addition, we have also been given the opportunity to serve at Calvary Chapel Managua.  Pastor Cal has extended to us an open door to jump right in with what the Lord is already doing through them in Managua.  Some of the ministry needs there include: worship ministry, teaching/counseling youth, children’s ministry and building maintenance and repairs.


Mike leading worship at CC Managua in May of 2016


These are but a few of the many open doors for ministry that we have seen in Nicaragua.  We are excited to see God lead us as we submit and yield to His plans.  We are thrilled and humbled that the Lord would choose us to be His ambassadors to Nicaragua.

We appreciate your prayers for our family as we transition from California to Nicaragua.

With Love,

Mike, Rocio and Nate Booth

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