Our First 6 Months

Hello friends!!!  We haven’t posted an update for a while, so this is long overdue.  We have had a busy season and are excited to share some of the things that have been happening here in Nicaragua.

First of all, can you believe that we have been here for HALF A YEAR already?!?  Sometimes it seems like we have been here forever, and other times it seems like time has flown by!  Looking back on these six months, we rejoice in seeing God’s faithfulness in every detail of our lives.  He has sustained us through the challenging times and He has blessed us in ways we never imagined.  Our heavenly Father has been so good to us!!!

These last few weeks (and last few months) have been full in various ways.  We’ve had some “not-so-fun” things to deal with like: flooring problems, plumbing issues and visa renewal challenges.  We are grateful that all of those have been resolved for now. We reached out to many of you for your prayers regarding our visa renewal.  In our first attempt to renew, we were denied.  They asked that we bring more documents, which we were able to gather and return the next day.  Praise God we were granted another 3 months, so we are good to go until December!  Thank you for praying through that with us.  Since our next renewal is in December, we are praying about visiting California for Christmas and the holidays.

Now, onto the more exciting stuff!

Pastor Cal from CC Managua and Mike got to go and visit Calvary Chapel Matagalpa a few weeks back.  They spent the day with Pastor Josue and his family and got to see some of the ministry that is taking place in Matagalpa.  Below are some pictures from their day at CC Matagalpa.

We recently hosted our first women’s fellowship night at Club Esperanza.  We had over 40 ladies come out that night and Rocio got to share a message on Mark 4:35-41, which is a passage of Scripture that the Lord has used to encourage Rocio many times in the last year.  It was a blessed night, and we look forward to seeing how we can continue to build relationships with the people of Via Guadalupe and impart Christ’s love for them .  Please join us in praying for this community.


Women’s Fellowship Night at Club Esperanza

Just this week, we were blessed with a visit from the mission’s pastor of Revival Christian Fellowship (Menifee, California).  Mike, Rob (Mike’s dad) and Pastor Cisco started off their trip by visiting the missionaries and church body out in CC Nueva Guinea (6 hours from Managua).  They enjoyed seeing all that the Lord is doing there and were blessed with wonderful fellowship.  Please pray for the missionaries (Greg, Angela and Lucy) and Pastor Carlos, who are faithfully serving Jesus and the people of Nueva Guinea.


Pastor Cisco, Rob, Mike, Greg and Angela in Nueva Guinea

Once the guys returned to Managua, we hit the ground running and got to serve in various ways.

We had an opportunity to do an emergency training class with the teachers and staff of Club Esperanza.  Pastor Cisco, who has emergency medical training, was able to equip the teachers with some basic training that enables them to better respond in case of an emergency.  Not only did they learn about being first responders but they also heard about Jesus and His heart to help those in need.  The staff was so grateful to have this instruction time because it is something they had been wanting for a while.


The staff at Club Esperanza, learning how to respond in emergencies.

Pastor Cisco also taught at CC Managua and at our Sunday evening Bible Study in Via Guadalupe.  It was an encouraging message reminding us about the heart of being a servant, based on John 13.


Pastor Cisco sharing at CC Managua

As always, we are so encouraged, blessed and thankful for your prayers!  Please continue to pray for the beautiful country of Nicaragua. Pray that we would continually hear and be obedient to do all that the Lord would want us to do here in Nicaragua…and most importantly, that many would know Jesus.


Thank you for reading!  We send you our love from Nica!



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