Bluefields Missions Trip

On Monday, March 12, we set out at dawn to make our way to Bluefields Nicaragua by motorcycle.  We finally arrived at our destination by 4:30pm, after a long journey across the beautiful country of Nicaragua.

Bluefields is a coastal city, which is known for fishing.  The people of this region speak Creole, which is an English based language, so it makes it made it easy for us to communicate.

The initial plans for the trip were for us (Brinson Buzbee, Greg Brakensiek and I) to join a medical team as they made an exploratory missions trip up the river and visit some of the communities in the region of Pearl Lagoon.  When we arrived to Bluefields, we were told that the plans had changed.  The medical team was no longer coming and that this was now “our” missions trip.  Although the medical team was no longer coming, our plans didn’t really change much.  We had always planned on going into the communities to share the Gospel, teach the Word and pray for others.  But now, the time and focus of the trip was going to solely be focused on doing this.  God’s plans are always greater.

On Tuesday, the 13th, we set sail and made our way up the river with the end goal of making it to the community of “La Fe” by the afternoon.  On our way, we stopped by Haulover where we were able to say hello to a dear friend named Margarita.  We had a sweet time of prayer and then made it to La Fe early that afternoon.


Brinson and Margarita

What happened at La Fe was such a God-ordained time.  Within moments of arriving in this little town, we were sharing the gospel and praying with people.  I talked to an older gentleman and mentioned our passion to share God’s Word and that we would love to do this in the community.  He said, “If you invite people, they will come.”  So we did just that. For the remainder of the afternoon we spent time getting to know the community.  We visited homes, continued praying for and ministering to the families and children that followed us around.  As we made our way through the community, we met Pastor Alan, a local pastor.


Pastor Alan

Pastor Alan pastors a church in this little town called “GoKing,” which means “God’s Kingdom Come.”  He is a very sweet and hardworking man.  I asked him what were some of the major needs for him and the community, and his response blew me away.  He said that himself and the other pastors in the surrounding communities have no one to train them and pour into them.  They do the best they can to pastor, but they do not know how to do it.  Immediately, my heart was stirred.  He also mentioned that there was a need for a Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation ministry, and that La Fe would be an ideal place to set one up because it is the only community in the region that does not sell alcohol.

Would you join us in praying for Pastor Alan and the pastors in that region?

That evening, at 7:00pm the people we had invited to come out to the center of town showed up with their chairs and began to sit around.  Within moments, a worship service had begun!  We sang some songs that were familiar to us and then they sang songs that they knew.  It was such a beautiful scene.  One of the locals that went with us on the boat shared with the group about what it means to sincerely follow Christ.  After, I got to share on Romans 13:11-14 and Ephesians 6:10-17.  Included in the message of encouragement and exhortation, I also shared the gospel.  At the end, I gave an altar call.  At first, they were very timid, but eventually one lady raised her hand to pray to receive Jesus.  Then, many others followed her example. That time was like nothing I’ve ever experience before.

The next morning, Greg and I decided to go spend time with Pastor Alan.  We were able to meet with him a few times throughout the day.  We spent some time ministering to him and we got to take him through the Inductive Bible Study method.  It was neat to sit with Pastor Alan, open up the word and study it together.

On Thursday, we made our way back down the river and stopped by another community called “Kukra Hill.”  There we passed out some gospel tracks and shared with people.  We got to share the gospel with Danny, a motorcycle mechanic.  After some time talking with him, Danny prayed to receive Jesus.  Praise the Lord.

Thursday evening, we made it back to Bluefields and early on Friday, we made our way back to Managua. We thank the Lord for his protection and for His perfect plans.  Truly, this trip was incredible and we will continue praying to see what the Lord has in the future.  We know He loves these people, sees their needs and is already at work in this beautiful region.

Thank you so much for praying and please continue to do so.  God is faithful.

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