Family Transportation

Greetings to all. We miss you and love you.

Our last post updated you on how our first few weeks had been, since our return. As we have continued to settle back to life here, we have also taken some time to see how our belongings have held up over our time back in the United States. We recently took our truck into the mechanic so that they could perform their 80,000 km service. As they serviced the truck, they found a few costly long-term problems with it. We opted to not make those repairs at the moment, so that we could patiently pray and consider all our options. One of our major reasons to no jump into repairing the truck is because we have been thinking about changing to a more family appropriate vehicle and switching to an automatic transmission so that Rocio could feel more comfortable driving here on her own.

We are now considering to sell or trade in the truck and purchase an automatic SUV. We are looking into different options, but with each option there definitely seems to be some additional cost involved in order to make this change happen. Many of you often ask how you could help and what specific needs we might have. For that reason, we decided to share this information with you all. We trust the Lord to provide the right vehicle and the finances for it in His perfect timing. If you feel led to give toward this specific financial need, you can still do so through Living Hope, our financial hub, and make a note indicating it is for the “vehicle”. If you have any specific questions or would like to talk to us regarding this, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to chat with you!

Here are the giving details: (you can also find these details under the tab labeled “Where to Give.”)


Send all checks payable to:

Calvary Chapel Living Hope

625 Seagaze Dr. Oceanside, CA 92054

Memo: Missions-Nicaragua/Booth Family-Vehicle

Online Giving:


            -select online giving tab

            -select: Missions: Nicaragua/Booth Family

Above all, please continue to pray for us that we may have wisdom from above in all of our decision making.

Thank you!

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