Be Thankful

Hello Everyone!

We hope you are all moving into this exciting time of the year with much joy and gratitude in your hearts.  I was recently reading in Luke 17 about the ten lepers Jesus healed, but only one returned to give thanks. It says “and one of them, when he saw that he was healed, returned, and with a loud voice glorified God, and fell down on his face at His feet, giving Him thanks. And he was a Samaritan.”  There is so much to learn from this man.  As we approach Thanksgiving, we reflect on God’s faithfulness and know we have so much to thank Him for, not only during this season, but throughout the entire year.  We want to fall before our King and thank Him because He is worthy. 

First of all, we thank the Lord for His unfailing love.  We do not deserve it, but are daily showered with it and we praise Him for it.  We often hear Nate going about his day, singing the classic children’s song, “Yes, Jesus loves me, yes, Jesus loves me…the Bible tells me so…”   Such a simple song, yet its truth so profound.  It is because of His great love that we have been saved, changed and have the hope of glory.  Thank you Jesus, for Your love.

We also thank the Lord for YOU!  We are thankful to have so many of you who are constantly interceding on our behalf and on the behalf of the people and ministries here in Nicaragua.  Please know that we are encouraged and blessed to know that you pray with us and for us.  Don’t ever stop!

Furthermore, we want to thank all of you who financially support us.  Your generous support makes it possible for us to be serving and living in Nicaragua.  You have been used to demonstrate God’s faithfulness, provision & care for us time and time again.  We appreciate you and thank you for your love. 

CCSFS Team Update

Rosie, Pat, Rocio, Nate, Ceci, Bianca
Mike & Eliana, Morghan, Jerry, Kevin, Moses

We also wanted to take a moment to share with you about a team we recently hosted from our church in California, Calvary Chapel Santa Fe Springs.  The team of 8 hard-working adults came in October and served the Lord in various ways during their time here.  We had a blast with them, and it felt like we had family here with us.   They showed our church building some much needed TLC and tackled a lot of construction/work projects.  Some of those work projects involved making a new sound room, putting in some railings for safety purposes, painting, a lot of cleaning and a lot of decluttering.  They accomplished so much in so little time!  As grateful as we are for all of the physical work they conquered, we are even more grateful for how they loved God’s people so well.  They tangibly shared the love of Jesus with the children, the adults, the elderly and everyone in between.  As we look back on the week they were here, we rejoice in all that the Lord did through these guys.  The people sensed the love of Christ and we were all so encouraged and blessed by their being here. Thank you guys for coming and thank you CCSFS for sending and supporting this awesome group of people who displayed Jesus so well. 

We continue to ask for your prayers for this country, for CC Managua, and for our family.  May Jesus be glorified and may many lives be transformed by His great love.

We pray you all have a great season of Thanksgiving with your loved ones.  Even in the midst of trials and difficulties, may we be like that man who went back to Jesus and thanked Him.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Booths!

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