Settling In…

Greetings from Nicaragua! We made it!!! Getting to Nicaragua was an adventure (our flight was delayed several times and we ended up leaving a day after our original flight!).  And the adventure hasn’t stopped. These past couple of weeks have been full of…”surprises.” 🙂

We hope you all had an wonderful Easter celebrating JESUS with friends and family.  We missed being with family and loved ones but we enjoyed worshiping the LIVING God with our brothers and sisters of  Calvary Chapel Managua.

We wanted to give you all a quick update of what has been taking place the last couple of weeks since arriving to Managua.  In a nutshell, we have been running around non-stop doing the necessary things to get us into our home.  It is with overwhelming joy and gratitude that we share with you that God has provided for our kitchen appliances (stove, refrigerator, etc…), beds, a washing machine (yes!!!) and even transportation.  Thank you to all who have so willingly and lovingly given to us.

stove and fridge

Our stove and fridge.


Now, getting all of these items and moving into our house, has been quite the process. Nothing here is quick and easy.  What you think should be simple and quick…well, that’s not always the case around here.  There have been challenges, tears, frustrations, and long (and sweaty!) days; but all of this is part of the adaptation process we are undergoing as we learn to live in a new country.

We have now been in our house for 5 days and are getting familiar with our neighborhood and surrounding areas.  As the dust begins to settle, we look forward to diving into the ministry opportunities God has opened before us, and moving forward as He leads.

We ask that you pray for us as we continue to adjust and step into ministry.  In my  (Mike) time in the Word, I came to Isaiah 30:21, which sums up the prayer of our heart:

‘Your ears shall hear a word saying, “This is the way, walk in it.”  Whenever you turn to the right hand or whenever you turn to the left.’

We look forward to walking in the ministries He leads us to.

We love and miss you all.

6 thoughts on “Settling In…

  1. Hey! I didn’t see my picture on refrigerator😝, just kidding. Glad you’re settling in!
    —we had a super Easter, We serve a mighty God that is sooooo powerful He overwhelmed us with a full house on Good Friday & Easter services! I’ll send you some pics later. Keeping you in the forefront of our thoughts & prayers. Our God will open doors that no one can close for your service and there will be many living souls given to God for His glory. He will not forget HOW YOU BOTH HAVE SHOWN YOUR LOVE TO HIM by caring for other believers and those that need to hear the gospel truth!!! Love you and blessings 🙏🏻😎✝️🙋🏻🐾

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  2. Hi Brother & Sister, and the lil man. Just finished the SFS 5K walk/run, I walked, so it wasn’t too bad, but cold and misty rain. How do I add a photo on this thang?
    Anyway, we are planning to book our flights for Oct 8-14th, is that wearing out our welcome? Keep you posted, In Jesus Precious Name! We continue to pray for you all and know that you are both-ThrEE in our prayer, you are serving the true and living God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth…WE LOVE YOU!

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